Okello’s Tour to Heaven

Okello’s Tour to Heaven

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Country: KENYA

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Okello’s Tour to Heaven is a fascinating e-book based on people’s actual supernatural encounters in the form of a story.  This book helps one to reflect upon his or her salvation.
The illustrations are well done and it’s suitable for any age group.


Okello is a bully who is nicknamed “Okello the Puncher” because he likes beating up children and disrupting their peace.
Jonathan forgives Okello and his four bully friends after they cornered and beat him up. While doing his evening prayer, Jonathan asks God to help Okello and his friends change their ways and that same night, an angel visits Okello and takes him to heaven. 
Okello is utterly astounded when he realizes that Heaven is real and that how we live our life on Earth has a significant impact on Heaven.
He learns how heaven operates and meets prophets of the Bible.
Every encounter Okello had is the true vision of people who visited heaven.

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