You and Your Househelp-Creating Harmony at your home

You and Your Househelp-Creating Harmony at your home

Format: ePUB
Country: KENYA

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The e-guide, You and Your Househelp-Creating Harmony at Your Home, is about all things househelps and anything in between to ensure harmony at home while enjoying the  support system of a househelp.


You and Your Househelp Guide

~  Creating Harmony at Your Home ~

 This e-guide is a resourceful tool for a homemaker, mom, or wife who desires and seeks to create harmony in her home while enjoying the support system of a househelp aka maid or house manager.

It was curated from a desire to help homemakers and moms of all calibre to be able to outsource help with ease and maintain harmony in their homes.

It guides you through the househelp management cycle from:

– How to hire/outsource a househelp well and professionally

– How to induct and manage one

– How to serve your househelp – yes you heard right 😯 😛

– A simple househelp formal agreement template

– Samples of Home management templates

– An appraisal starter

Your desire to have a good househelp is honorable. Admirable women in the Bible like Sarah and Proverbs 31 woman had maids. Therefore, this e-book will equip and guide you to your desire. Enjoy the read and apply the nuggets therein wisely and accordingly for the transformation of your home and other aspects of your life.

Your fellow woman, mom & homemaker,

Faith Koki Munyua.

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Faith Koki Munyua

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