Makena Mugo

Makena is currently an 18-year-old high school Senior. A lover of music and cooking, (despite being terrible at the latter), she spends all of her non-school time in the kitchen with the music on. She’s a bit tired of high school, though, as she feels that she has, um, “other things to do.” Right now, she hopes to study Mathematics in university, after completing high school and taking a gap year. Emphasis on the “right now” because last week she wanted to be a neuroscientist.

Her all-time favorite love, though, is writing, which she only started to explore late in 2021 with her blog Exasperations of a Teenage Cynic.

Makena is a proud alumnus of the church-based Rights of Passage (ROPES) class of 2016, and has chronicled her experience in this short, witty story.

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