Public Speaking and Body Language Skills


Public Speaking and Body Language Skills

Author: Antony Nbita
Format: ePUB
Country: KENYA
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KSh 350.00

PUBLIC SPEAKING AND BODY LANGUAGE SKILLS is a book that helps you overcome public speaking fear, helps you acquire presentation skills and body language skills and equips you with speech writing skills.



Fear and poor public speaking skills can shut down many opportunities for you! PUBLIC SPEAKING AND BODY LANGUAGE SKILLS-helps you understand why acquiring speaking and reading people skills make you influential, productive and be on demand. And it shows you:

  1. How to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  2. How to deliver a speech in a way that makes you unforgettable.
  3. How to avoid being boring and monotonous during speech delivery.
  4. How to make your speech rhythmic, musical and memorable.
  5. How to develop a powerful voice.
  6. How to connect with an audience and be influential.
  7. How to prepare an unforgettable speech.
  8. How to sell your message, services and products.
  9. How to match your words and body language and read people as you would a book.


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2 reviews for Public Speaking and Body Language Skills

  1. Mercylyne

    This an awesome book. It has turned my public speaking skills to a high level. I recommend it to all.

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