Purposeful at HEART

Purposeful at HEART

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Love, Value, Belief

Why Anyone Should Be Led By You?


Purposeful at HEART

Why anyone should be led by you! Often people wonder what the tips and tricks for leading purposeful transformations are. Eight out of ten leaders are not aware of the exact reasons why anyone should be led by them. Purposeful at HEART is the capital required to live and lead purposeful transformations in organisations and all spheres of your life.

Considering that people need to be loved, want to be valued, and desire to be believed in, what posture of the HEART do you need to have to live and lead the purposeful transformation? Everything is wholly and thoroughly discussed in this book.

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Gilbert Angana

As an Organizational and Leadership Development Consultant, I am dedicated to helping organisations and their leaders enhance their performance, productivity, and effectiveness. With expertise in organisational behaviour, change management, and leadership development, I work closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to drive positive change.

As an Organizational and Leadership Development Consultant, I aim to empower organisations and their leaders to unlock their full potential, cultivate a positive culture, and achieve sustainable growth. Let’s connect through www.stepafrique.com/resources/

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