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Take your senses for an adventurous walk, as if observing the unfolding of creation from behind the scenes. Step out with God into the wonder of all He has set in motion from the beginning of time.


The Biblical Account of Life, as we know it today, has its nascent beginnings in the Garden of Eden – the garden planted by God Himself. And yet, this was only a tiny fraction of the entire universe that was in existence. Everything within the borders of the universe points to One who cannot fit within any boundary, and yet reaches out and invites us to know Him in all His limitlessness.

The first two humans that had their dwelling in Eden, were unfortunately the last as well. They were not only God’s masterpiece, but the crown on His creation. One can only imagine what Eden’s picturesque sights afforded any observer walking into it. We follow these two, as they unfold each petal of adventure, and discover, with each passing day, the treasure that creation really is.

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