The Games We Play

The Games We Play

Author: Susan Mwangi
Format: ePUB
Country: KENYA

KSh 300.00

This is a story about hope, strategy and unrelenting faith in God.

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This book is not about amazing feats of sportsmanship.  It is not even about the down-and-outters bouncing back. It is about establishing a new world order that triumphs over deception, corruption and wickedness. It is about everyday believers turning the world right side up and to the glory of God.  This is the story of a man who fell from mammonic heights and nearly lost himself in the depths of depravity to which he sank.  Finally, he allowed God to change the course of his life, a move whose ripple effects transformed his world.

This book is written for anyone who feels unable to handle the hand they have been dealt; it is for the person wondering whether they will ever emerge victorious from ‘under the bus’ of frustration, rejection failure, addiction, unmet expectations, shame or incompetence. It is dedicated to those struggling to keep their spiritual head above the troubled waters of doubt, despair or unbelief. This is a story about hope, strategy and unrelenting faith in God.

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