Taukirwo ni Maandiko (Understand the Bible)

Taukirwo ni Maandiko (Understand the Bible)

Format: ePUB
Country: KENYA

KSh 350.00

This book is an overview of the Scriptures, presented in the Kikuyu language.


Like other communities, many members of the Kikuyu community have an abiding desire to read and understand the Scriptures, but the Bible they buy ends up in the un-read books section of their bookshelf because of not knowing where to start in ‘attacking’ this 1189-chapter tome. But one will have deprived himself or herself of a lot by spending their lifetime without knowing where they came from, why they exist and where they are going, and more so that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

This book is an overview of the Scriptures in Kikuyu, and it starts by exploring how sin started in heaven, how it entered into the world through Adam and how God related with the Children of Israel in the old Testament as He prepared to bring Jesus through them, not just to save them but to be the Saviour of the world. The author also takes time to familiarize the reader with what the Bible says concerning the superiority of Jesus in an effort to underscore the completeness of the salvation of those who repent toward God and place their faith in Jesus Christ.

But what sets this book apart is that a big part of it is committed to questions often asked by the unbelievers and young believers and their biblical answers.

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