Clara Muruga

Clara Muruga is married to Muruga Murage. Thy have two daughters, Hadassah and Vuyanzi. They work with DIRECT (Discipleship Inspired Revival thru Evangelism and Character Training) Ministry.

DIRECT has followed keenly on the myriad challenges our country is facing and concluded that at the very root the malady is spiritual. Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions. The antidote for our malady is to pray for believers to take their position to spur up a Discipleship Inspired Revival in our country. They do their part by evangelizing and discipling students in High Schools and colleges.

They live at the headquarters of the ministry at Chadet Centre, Mweiga, Nyeri.

Clara’s all-consuming passion is to disciple young people, especially women, to become all that God intended them to become. Propelled by this passion, for the eighteen years she has been in ministry, she has helped hundreds of women connect with God’s will and purpose.

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